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The innovative teamchallenge

Pxl Games will launch your entertainment center into the future! The attraction consists of a room covered with brightly colored tiles, which glow in different colors depending on the game mode. The task is not to step on the wrong color and as a team to press the buttons on the walls in the right order. All this under time pressure!
The groundbreaking indoor trend is an action-packed experience suitable for both children and adults. On social media, the game principle is breaking all records!

What is Pxl Games?

This is a new, but sustainable trend in indoor recreation. The principle is familiar to many from childhood days: don't step on the wrong tiles! The floor lights up in moving patterns and players must avoid stepping on the wrong color while moving around the room and pressing the right buttons on the walls.

The whole thing is timed and can be played at different difficulty levels. The selection of conceivable game modes is almost endless.

How much space do I need?

Small dimensions for big fun! The rooms are available in different versions. Either from 20m2 or up to 50m2. Adapt the attraction to your available space.

How many people can fit in a room at once?

The number of people depends on the size of the room. We recommend an occupancy of 1 to 4 players for the minimum room size of 20 m², the recommended size of 25 to 35 m² offers space for up to 6 people. wioth a bigger Room up to 50m ² you can even got up to 8 players.

For which target groups is Pxl Games suitable?

The game principle appeals to every target group, children and adults. It is suitable for all groups looking for a sporting challenge as a team! Children's birthday parties, bachelor parties, team building, there are no limits to your imagination!

Are there different gamemodes?

In short, yes. The rooms come with different game modes. Each game is playable in different difficulty levels. The individual levels have to be unlocked one after the other and thus offer a long-term challenge that your customers will surely want to come back for.

We are continuously working on the development of new game modes, which will be made available with regular updates.

How is Pxl Games controlled?

Visitors receive an RFID band with which they log on to a touchscreen before the game begins and select the game mode. As soon as they press start, a countdown begins and the game starts. The game is therefore almost self-controlled and requires very little staff.

What speaks for Pxl Games as an indoor attraction?

Pxl Games are suitable for the most diverse target groups. It is a new attraction that has hardly been represented on the market so far and can be marketed perfectly on social media. Already the advertising effect for the own location pays off.

The attraction is space-saving. One room requires only 25 to 50 m² of space, making it ideal for small locations or as an additional attraction in large leisure entertainment centers.

Little space is needed. Already with an average of 30m² area you upgrade your leisure center, with an innovative and low-maintenance attraction, which will inspire your customers for many years.

How does the technique work?

We rely on low-maintenance capacitive technology for location tracking.

The system detects where a person is in the room and whether a right or wrong square has been stepped on. The floor itself is modular for easy installation, so it's even possible to change the attraction's location within your leisure center quickly and easily.

Players are given RFID wristbands with the help of which they register to a monitor as a team, select the game mode and difficulty level. Once the group enters the room, the game begins.

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