Escape rooms, bowling, mini golf, laser tag and arena design made to measure

Reliable entertainment systems and high quality of experience for consistently high visitor numbers

Players visit entertainment centers and laser tag arenas because they want action and fun. We provide such live adventures and ensure happy faces, for players and operators. Everything we offer has been successfully and profitably tested in several family entertainment centers.

In the segments Lasergame and Escape Room we are the clear market leader and trend-setter in terms of technology and development. In addition, we offer other quality products and services, services such as mini golf or arena design made to measure, that our customers can clearly and successfully distinguish themselves from any competitor.

10 reasons for entertainment productions from tec

Best possible quality
Our productions are of the best possible quality and are state-of-the-art in terms of design. We focus on quality, not on quantity. Because to be successful an entertainment center must meet the expected standards.

High experience value
Word of mouth is the name of the game in our industry. Players are looking for new gaming experiences, for memorable feels. An average gaming experience is unlikely to keep them coming back. Instead, the higher the experience value, the more often they will try to inspire their friends to visit your attraction

High Involvement
Adrenaline-pumping action. Tricky puzzle fun. Sporting precision in mini-golf and bowling. Productions that are built with heart and soul and offer reliable technology are an El Dorado for satisfied customers. Then the replay rate will also increase constantly.

High profitability
The key to success is high utilization. Membership systems are a proven way of selling first-time visitors larger allotments and turning them into regular customers. To go with this, we advise operators and staff on how to get games through more quickly and increase daily efficiency.

Professional design
We have professionals under contract to exclusively design your bowling center, laser game arena or complete mini golf facility in all qualities and turn it into a visual highlight. No matter if it is a new building or a modernization.

Exclusive equipment
With exclusive "props" - individually made according to your wishes - we can completely transform any facility into a unique theme world and offer your guests an incomparable experience. You will be surprised what our creatives and artisans are capable of! We will be happy to advise you.

Reliable technology
Some prospective customers ask us directly for "cheap systems". However, low-budget solutions prove to be the most unreliable in practice. In the areas of laser tag and escape rooms, there is a particularly strong competition for new customers with vulnerable low-end systems. We clearly stand on the side of quality. You will only get reliable technology systems from us.

Pre-Opening Service
Starting an entertainment business takes time and nerves. We help the customer in all aspects, which means from the calculation, planning, installation and preparation of the operation by training the staff at our own locations to the commissioning of the systems and arenas.

Free advertising
We provide free advertising material for our Escape Rooms, Bowling Lanes, Minigolf Facilities and Lasertag Arenas, from professional photos to action-packed videos. Effective marketing tools to keep generating new visitors.

Regular upgrades
In terms of technology & development we are the link between customer and manufacturer. As a customer, you benefit from our network and worldwide trade show participation, from our own experience, exclusive distribution rights and the technological advancements of our partners.

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The personal conversation is important to us.
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