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Agent Factory is a new and groundbreaking, innovative team experience. A team of 2-6 people enters the Agent Factory experience. The group must pass a series of interactive tasks that combine fitness, observation, drive and endurance. Everything takes place within an arena of 12 to 40 rooms, depending on the room size.

Agent Factory is characterized by a high fun factor, the return of the guests and the low staff requirements.

What ist Agent Factory?

Agent Factory is a new, interactive, hands-on gaming experience. Each room players enter holds a new challenge that must be tackled as a group. It creates a sensational experience based on some of the most popular group entertainment activities of the last ten years: Escape Rooms, laser tag arenas and fitness games.

What tasks do Agent Factory players have to solve?

The tasks are divided into three different sub-categories: Fire, Water and Air.

Fire rooms involve sporting activities that challenge the players physically.

Water rooms require coordination and accuracy.

The air rooms require logic, intelligence and communication skills.

What is special about Agent Factory?

Agent Factory is one of the latest trends in the entertainment sector. Modern, innovative and entertaining, it offers your guests an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the sophisticated software control, it is possible to satisfy even large groups of players with little staff effort. There are even different difficulty modes available for each individual task.

Agent Factory virtually controls itself!

Which target groups is Agent Factory suitable for?

Agent Factory offers fun for all ages and for a wide variety of occasions. From children's birthday parties to stag parties, school classes and team-building events, any event is possible.

How much space do I need?

Big fun in a small space! You need about 20m² of space per task. The clue is that with just 500m² up to 70 to 90 players can have a great experience.

With our unique industrial design, not even solid walls are necessary, so Agent Factory can be easily integrated into open locations such as halls or shopping centers.

What is Agent Factory Industrial?

With Agent Factory Industrial, we offer a complete turnkey solution that you can start using straight away.

Agent Factory Industrial is particularly suitable for open locations such as halls or shopping centers. Walls are not necessary, the individual tasks are planned by us in a grid construction to fit the location perfectly and completely installed by us.

The modular system makes it particularly easy to move or replace individual missions.

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