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Design & construction of modern bowling lanes with cost-efficient bowling technology and 24/7 support

Do you wish to buy durable bowling lanes with high-quality construction? You want rock solid mechanics and energy efficient control technology? Preferably with future-oriented technologies and assistance systems? Then we have just the right bowling offer for you.

With our bowling lanes of the Imply brand, we realize high-quality lanes with impressive optics and technology, and that at fair prices. No matter whether you are planning a new center or want to modernize existing facilities. The change from conventional pinsetters to string pinsetter systems alone is worthwhile.

Why bowling lanes from Imply?

The company Imply has been in the bowling business worldwide for about 20 years and offers one of the most innovative string bowling products in the bowling industry with its "Red Bowling" series. Highly modern, but also highly efficient in operation.

What is so special about Red Bowling?

With Red Bowling, you directly elevate your bowling facility to the latest level. It combines decades of experience and innovative technologies, provides a completely new bowling experience with lots of strikes and lots of fun. Red Bowling provides players with several strong reasons to stay longer and come back more often.

What is the "look and feel" of the bowling lanes?

Imply's elegant bowling lanes are very attractive, just from the classy surface look. In addition, there are optional design themes such as Boutique or Fiesta and a variety of decorative lighting elements to ensure the famous Bright Bowling effect. Modern and attractive in design, the Players Area offers a clear view of the lanes. Very practical: the comfortable sofa panel is equipped with a USB charging station, for charging smartphones.

Why string pinsetter?

More economical, more robust, more reliable - String Pinsetter are not only particularly durable, but also permanently highly efficient: in terms of energy and maintenance costs, String Pinsetter are clearly superior to conventional systems.

Which pinsetter technology is best?

Pinsetters are the heart of the bowling system, without them nothing works. They set the pace at which the bowling lane can be played. The best pinsetters are string pinsetters. They work quickly and quietly.

How good are pinsetters from Imply Bowling?

Bowling pinsetters from Imply work reliably and very accurately. Each exchange of pins is done quickly, precisely and very quietly, so that players do not lose any time. This is ensured by the IT-based intelligent control of the pinsetter system. Reliably and around the clock, of course, because the lowest possible maintenance times also contribute to the economic efficiency of a bowling alley.

What role do the terminals play?

Imply Bowling's 15'' LCD touch screens enhance the modern ambience with their sleek, illuminated design. They provide bowling fans with convenient ways to organize game play and (optionally) communicate with the catering stuff.

What is the advantage of bowling technology with smartphone connection?

Bowling terminals with interface allow players to connect their smartphones to the game. They can then access the options menu from their phones and, for example, view scores or share their results with other bowling fans on social media.

Which locations are suitable for Red Bowling lanes?

First, anywhere where bowling alleys have always been profitable: commercial establishments such as leisure centers, vacation resorts, classic bowling centers, family entertainment centers, etc. But the interesting thing about Red Bowling with its string pinsetters is that they are so quiet, light and compact in design. In this respect, Red Bowling is also ideal for residential and retirement homes, and finally for private bowling in family homes with a hobby room or basement.

Bowling construction in orderly lanes: We will be happy to advise you on bowling technology, catering and ambience and provide cost estimates for a bowling area to suit your taste.

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