Mindgolf - the minigolf sensation

Conception, construction & design of indoor minigolf and 3D black light minigolf courses

Mindgolf is a classic leisure activity in a new guise. In addition to fully themed minigolf courses, it also impresses with its advanced operating software, which allows your customers to see all game results live.

Our partner for course production convinces with excellent and extravagant designs, paired with exciting light effects. The result: extraordinary play experiences, fascinating for young and old. It has already been shown at many locations that minigolf is a very profitable leisure activity.

It is worth buying a mindgolf facility for your leisure centre!

What is special about Mindgolf?

Mindgolf is a 360º entertainment experience. 

Excelently crafted minigolf worlds thrill young and old. Modern lane design and interesting courses make hearts beat faster.

The highlight is the unique software control: The players activate the course to be played via touch screens and enter their results. All game and course statistics are calculated live by the software. Leave the days of paper piles and handwritten scores behind!

What are the pros of Mindgolf as an indoor attraction?

Miniature golf is one of the strongest and most persistent trends in family entertainment. It works just as well as a stand-alone solution as an additional indoor attraction for already established entertainment centers. A very important advantage: indoor minigolf courses are weather-independent and can be played all year round - from early morning to late at night, even around the clock. Indoor minigolf attractions therefore allow maximum returns and a fast ROI.

At what locations is indoor mini golf recommended?

Wherever there are enough inhabitants or tourists. Classic locations for mindgolf are recreational facilities such as indoor playgrounds, sports and climbing halls, bowling centers or laser tag arenas. Indoor minigolf facilities integrated in amusement parks or large cinema complexes work just as well.

What are the minigolf themed worlds?

Almost everything is possible. We offer a wide range of themes for all tastes. From pirates to Pac Man to Game of Thrones, everything is possible. With our themes, everyone gets their money's worth!

 Not to mention the sound effects, for a complete mini golf experience.

What target groups like Mini Golf?

Indoor minigolf has always had many fans across all age groups. Anyone who also likes a spectacularly colorful ambience can hardly escape the current trend. And of course, mindgolf is also popular with larger groups: from birthday parties to family trips to club activities.

How much space does an indoor miniature golf facility require?

For a miniature golf course, 350 square meters of playing area are sufficient, plus the areas for checkroom, catering and staff. We would be happy to advise you on the development and design of your minigolf course with know-how and best practices.

Who will build my indoor mindgolf facility?

If you like, you get exactly the support you want from us. Or with pleasure also everything from a hand. Our teams have already realized several minigolf courses. Each one is different, and each one has a number of highlights in a special form typical for mini golf - courses, barriers, target baskets, obstacles and last but not least attractive decorations.

What are the hot design techniques?

Brushes, spatulas, airbrushes, graffiti, 3D effects... Our scenery construction experts and facility designers use the whole range of modern equipment, materials and stylistic devices to set the scene for the desired theme world. Minigolf has undergone a modernization, we make it visible. Indoor minigolf becomes Mindgolf, in a whole new world of its own.

Minigolf is our world! Our plant construction convinces by verve and variation variety. We will gladly make individual suggestions and give you a solid cost framework for the construction of a minigolf course.

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