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We represent the Laserforce brand throughout Europe - the most experienced Lasertag manufacturer with the most reliable and modern systems. Especially the new Laserforce generation with its chest plate screens and a touch screen on each phaser is the benchmark in the industry.

In addition, there are cleverly designed Lasertag courses and trendy arena designs. Exclusive props and effects immerse the location in excitement, and staged surprises push the thrill to the extreme. The popularity of Lasertag is growing rapidly. Now is the right time to enter the lucrative market. So, if you are looking for a high quality and profitable Lasertag system, we have just what you need.


What is Lasertag?

Lasertag is a strategy game for small groups (freee for all) or several teams. After a short briefing by the arena staff, each player receives a vest and a phaser - the Laser Game can start. The goal of each Lasertag player is to collect as many points as possible, for example by marking other players and special targets (Targets, Beacons, Generator etc.).

How is Lasertag played?

The game is played in specially designed Lasertag courses, which every Lasertag arena operator has specially produced. For example, in diffuse mazes on several levels, full of angles and dark niches. Sudden obstacles, creepy sound effects and system-side interference maneuvers increase the action and ensure maximum game enjoyment. Team spirit, cleverly chosen tactics and, above all, reliably functioning phasers, vests and game systems are required!

What is Laserforcetag?

Laserforcetag is the world's most demanding Lasertag game. It is played in a darkened arena and with the involvement of intelligent systems. The stylish design of this popular interactive game is enhanced by special light, sound and fog effects.

Who is Laserforce?

Laserforce - launched in Australia in 1987 - is a pioneer in Lasertag manufacturing and operations. The first Laserforce center is considered the longest active Laserforce site in the world. The vast experience guarantees arena operators high quality products that have truly stood the test of time.

Why the Lasertag system by Laserforce?

Technical Lasertag features, quality of experience, reliability in functionality, repeat rates, word of mouth - these are all elementary factors for profit and therefore good reasons to choose Laserforce. Most Lasertag course operators want to win the favor of customers with low-end systems. Real business success looks different: Laserforce is the world's best-selling lasertag system in the mid-range to high-end segment.

What speaks for Lasertag as indoor attraction?

Lasertag is the perfect addition to many indoor attractions - as a highly exciting and slightly action-packed component. For example in combination with bowling, mini golf, indoor trampoline, climbing course and many more. Lasertag always works. However, it is crucial that good lasertag systems require little maintenance and allow extremely high profit margins.

Which audiences are loving Laser Games?

The Lasertag fan community ranges from young to old, and laser games are booked as team events for a wide variety of occasions: from birthday parties to bachelor parties or corporate incentives.

How much space does a Lasertag arena need?

For an appealing Lasertag experience, 300 square meters of course area is sufficient. We are happy to support you in the development and design of this course with know-how and best practices, here you should not give away any angle and leave nothing to chance.

How much space does a Lasergames location need?

An example: Our customer Lasertag Arena in Neu-Ulm operates one of the largest and most modern arenas in southern Germany with over 1000 square meters of playing area. A maximum of 8 groups or 40 people can play there at the same time!

Who is supporting me in the construction of the Lasertag Arena?

If you are at a loss for manpower or know-how, please feel free to contact us. We have experienced professionals in our team for every discipline, from course conception and theme world to production of interior decoration, technical equipment and props.

Are you planning an indoor Lasertag arena? Rely on professionals. We will be happy to advise you on the technological possibilities and make suggestions for the initial equipment. We are looking forward to your contact!

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