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The momentum of the most successful Escape Rooms lies in their dense atmosphere. Authentic scenarios and accessories, atmospheric effects and seemingly unsolvable puzzle combinations guarantee pure thrills even for the experienced Escape Player. We present Escape Rooms of extraordinary sophistication and experience quality - as if you were suddenly in the middle of a movie.

Escape rooms are the worldwide mega trend in the modern leisure industry, if only because the range of themes is constantly being topped by new creations. From an investor's and operator's point of view, Escape Rooms are a must-have, because they generate extremely high revenues in relation to the space required and a fast return on investment. The perfect, highly profitable addition to entertainment centers, bowling centers and Lasertag arenas; also ideal as a stand-alone solution.

What is an Escaperoom?

Escape rooms are real, interactive live game rooms that place the player in a challenging situation. The basic concept of the game is to solve a series of puzzles and then discover clues that help the players escape. Depending on the theme or task, players (usually) have between 30 and 120 minutes to complete it.

What challenges do the players have to solve?

There are virtually no limits to the tasks of an Escape Room, as long as they can be solved and are fun. Most of the time, the players have to get out of a room (hence Escape Room), but often the task is to solve a crime, avert a catastrophe, decipher a code, put together solution words, and so on. Often, several puzzles and brainteasers are linked together, often in several rooms.

Which target groups enjoy Exit Games?

Typical Escape Room fans enjoy cognitive challenges and like to solve them in a team. The game is usually played with 2 to 6 players, whereby each individual is required to contribute to the common success through logical thinking, skill and perseverance.

How many exit rooms are there in the world?

The first Escape Rooms opened in Japan after the turn of the millennium.

In Germany, the first game room opened its doors in 2013. Today, industry experts estimate the total number in Germany at around 500 Escape Rooms.

How much space do I need?

"There is space in the smallest hut" - meaning that the room size plays a rather subordinate role and basically depends on the theme. Popular scenarios - and thus size references - are, for example, the knight's hall, the pirate's cabin, the treasure chamber, the space station, the haunted house, a submarine, etc.

What themes are possible?

There are also no limits to the operator's choice of theme for an Escape Room, as long as it is feasible in terms of production and brings success. The direct path to success certainly lies in a unique theme and its professional implementation in terms of atmosphere, sophistication and trick technology.

What speaks for exit room concepts by TEC?

In the Escape Room market sector, our company leads the way in the areas of development and technology. We specialise in designing, developing and building Escape Rooms. This ranges from theme identification and game development to each puzzle attraction to the film-ready interior with special effects. Our turnkey game concepts include everything that makes up the latest generation of Escape Rooms.

Our Escape Experts offer you

  • Themes, scenarios and game ideas that no one else has
  • Tailor-made scenarios for existing rooms
  • Internationally successful Escape Room concepts in our portfolio
  • Innovative, specially developed game mechanisms
  • Clear differentiation from your competitors

Why Escape Game productions by TEC?

Every tec Escape Room is a high-quality setting in which the skills of renowned designers and set builders work together.

For us, craftsmanship, quality and workmanship are paramount, so that ultimately every finished game room is unique and made to measure. From deceptively real props to special constructions, from monitor and lighting technology to hidden effects machines. Including control room, cameras, loudspeakers, etc. It doesn't get more exclusive than this.

Our Escape Rooms stand for:

  • Manageable investment costs
  • Low space and personnel requirements
  • Individual scenarios and puzzles
  • Reliable technologies, professional designs
  • Fast ROI

We build Escape Rooms for adventures you will never forget. We are happy to present you the most successful creations/settings and show you what is possible when building Escape Rooms nowadays.

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