EchoSquad, the Steam Punk Sensation

Echo Squad is a sensational room in a "Steam Punk" look with many technical features. This is a complete novelty on the entertainment market, do not miss this sensation!

It is the first "Live Action Role Play" in this form to be offered commercially. The players must face different tasks and challenges in a submarine ...

In Echo Squad, all participants take on a certain function and their specific tasks. Put yourself fully in the role of a submarine or spaceship crew, for example.

It's not about solving puzzles, but about playing a mission. Each team member takes on a specific task such as helmsman or gunner.

The mission will present you with challenging tasks and great dangers. Act as a crew and prepare well. In your vehicle you'll solve the most diverse tasks, steer through impassable landscapes, conquer enemy bases or defend yourself against fantastic creatures. You and your team will be the main characters and experience an exciting story full of wonders and adventures.

What is Echo Squad?

Echo Squad is an interactive space in which you act as a team to solve a mission. It is a mixture of a computer game and a live action role-playing game.

Each team member takes on a task such as navigator, helmsman or gunner. EchoSquad offers an unusual experience where players live their own adventure as the main characters of their own action-packed story.

Why Echo Squad?

Echo Squad is a brand new, worldwide unique entertainment attraction, a 360° experience for all senses. Everything can be touched and works interactively. Immerse yourself in a real adventure. Immersive, action-packed and entertaining.What's more, this is a brand new product that will make you stand out from the crowd of entertainment offers. Leave your competition far behind!

For which target groups is Echo Squad suitable?

Dive into an adventure for young and old! No matter if families, friends, bachelor parties or teambuilding. Your customers will be thrilled. Every person who is interested in action and adventure will get their money's worth here.

How much space does Echo Squad need?

Great entertainment in a small space: Echo Squad only needs about 28m². Inspire your customers in a space-saving way.

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