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Axe throwing is the latest trend! Originally developed in the logging camps of Canada and Scandinavia, the new sport of axe throwing has captured the imagination of people all over the world and has already become an integral part of recreational activities. All sorts of groups get excited about this time-honoured form of entertainment. 

We design and build safe axe throwing equipment that will provide your customers with plenty of entertainment and you with a safe and long-lasting source of income without significant maintenance.

Why Axe Throwing?

Throwing axes at targets has inspired people of all cultures throughout history. How could it be otherwise. Axe throwing appeals to a wide variety of people and they are enthusiastic about it. The player quickly feels a sense of achievement, because the principle couldn't be simpler.

How does it work?

The principle is as simple as it is impressive. Each group is on a throwing track with a wooden target at the end. The aim of the game is to hit the centre of the target. Different game modes with and without points are conceivable here.

How much space do I need?

An axe throwing facility requires very little space. A single lane with only 8 m² and a double lane with 12 m² can be installed even in the smallest corner similar to a dart track.

Which target groups are addressed by axe throwing?

Axethrowing is an entertaining pastime for everyone. Whether it's a bachelor party, teambuilding events or birthday parties. The trend sport is popular with the most diverse groups of all ages. Spontaneous clients and even dates are not uncommon.

What do I need to operate?

The effort required to operate an axe throwing track is very low. 

After a short briefing, the customers can operate the lanes themselves for the booked time. Since the lanes themselves do not require electricity, the operating costs are very low. Only the throwing discs need to be changed from time to time and the axes sharpened. 

Is it safe?

The individual lanes are, of course, separated from each other with grids that can withstand an accidental axe hit. The groups of players are each on a separate track and therefore have no contact with each other.

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